Friday, June 26, 2009

did anyone say holidays?

so its the holidays now.

whats happening?



Monday, May 4, 2009

its here!!

whee!!! i finally got the yashica

Thursday, April 16, 2009

new but not so new

well seeing as i hardly make any post pictures here anymore. ill give you guys 2 links where i post my pictures.

firstly there is this is where i post pictures which i think are better. there are less pictures here.

next there is this is where i post up all the pictures which i want to upload onto the net. so you can find all sorts of junk in there from good pictures to real crappy ones from my lomo.

do enjoy and leave my some comments :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another new one!!

looks like im on a buying spree.

here is what my next camera looks like.

its the Yashica Electro 35 GSN rangefinder!! it was made in the 70s. finally ive got myself a rangefinder. whats cool is that it has a f1.7 aperture, thats fast! it uses film too!! oh and its also vintage :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

south park's season 13!!

yes, as the title says it, south park season 13 is coming out in 1 day time.

FINALLY!! after 3 months oh no new south park episodes!

i think ive already watched every single south park episode ever made.

so anyway here is a preview of the new episode.

there are 2 places where you can watch south park.

1. - a great place if you want to download the episodes.

2. south park studios - for the times when you are away from your personal computer and have nothing better to do. you can stream the episodes here. and its pretty quick too :D

well hope i get more people to watch south park this way :D

if you look carefully, you can actually see the prophet muhamad in it. you can also see jesus, satan, mecha-strisan, budha and all the other cool south park characters!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so i finally got it

i know its been an uber long time since i last made a blog entry. blogging doesnt seem to appeal to me that much anymore.

many things has happened, holidays are over, new semmester has started, and life goes on as usual.

so here is what this blog entry is all about.

i finally got the LC-A+!!

all thanks to the combined effort between my sister and i in monetary terms to purchase the camera.

so here is what it looks like.

now just to let you guys know what this camera does. its an old school film camera.

yes it uses that little rolls of photographic film. no silicon sensors in this camera. you even have to manually wind the film after each photo is taken, and once you've spent all the pictures, you gotta manually rewind it back into the roll too!

besides that, this camera has a minitar 1 32mm f2.8 lens. this lens suposedly gives super high saturation and contrast, which i have no idea how true that is. the lever on the right of the lens is the manual focus setting. this camera has 4 zones for focusing which are 0.8m, 1.5m, 3m and infinity.

the LC-A+ also has a hotshoe, so you are able to attach an external flash onto it.

some of the things that makes the LC-A+ different from the original LC-A is that it doesnt have an aperture setting and the LC-A+ has an added lever for chreating multiple exposures on one frame.

oh and it also has an expanded ASA setting to 1600 and can take the wire release and some other acessories like the fisheye adaptor.

all in all its quite a cool camera. it was originally a russian camera created by the soviet union. well actually it was a copy of a japanese camera, the cosina CX-1. but now production has been moved to china becuase the LOMO company in russia shut down their camera division a number of years ago.

so this camera like all cameras being sold by the lomographic society international, has super inflated prices.

anyway i think you guys are super confused and dont understand what im thinking. if you want to know more, look up LOMO LC-A+ on google.

btw, i would show you some of the shots that i took, but i'd have to get the film scanned into the computer, which costs money, so forget that.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

19 going on 18

well its the 27th of december which basicly means that on paper im 20 years and 2 days old.

gone are the days when i can still be called a teenager,
gone are the days when the age group i belong in would be an explanation of crazy stupid things i do,
gone are the days when responsiblity is just another word in the dictionary,
and gone are the days when i can still think of what to put in this senseless rant which would cause it to become a super long senseless rant which looks ultimately cool becuase it makes my blog look like ive got loads to talk about.

but you know what i think, im still 18 dammit! 18!!

18 is the age when highschool was over (well for me, being born late in the year, i was still 17 then),
18 is the age when all i basicly did for 6 months after finishing highschool was work and climb,
18 is the age when i had a carefree time,
and i cant think of anything else anymore to put in here as im 20 and 3 days on paper.

but i mean think about it, when everyone was younger, i bet you always had this thing in the back of your mind saying "if only i was older". i mean why not be older? when you are older, you can do so much things that other younggens cant.

but when you do get older, reality kicks in. you start to realise that you arent as energetic as before. you are able to do everything that you arent able to do when you were younger but are probably sick of doing it as you have done it so many times that it has started to become a bore. this is when you finally start to think of "if only i was younger".

i mena think about it, when you were younger, even though you are not able to do certian things or go to certian places, you still try your best to do things that you arent supposed to, and when you accomplish it you would be like hell yeah that was fun.

gone are the days when i used to be kicked out of bars and clubs and what-ever-you-call-its becuase i looked young. gone are the days when being able to beat the system was a fun thing to do as teenage rebelion was a fun thing. but not anymore.

its kinda boring now.

but oh well. life goes on. meet new people, try new things, see new places.

go listen to 18 till i die by bryan adams.